"Up Yours Santa" Wrapping Paper

If you have a few friends on Santa's naughty list, well... you've pretty much found their wrapping paper right here.

Warmly colored, richly detailed and rocking Santa on a terrifically pissed-off day, "Up Yours Santa" gift wrap provides the wicked a harsh and pointed reminder of a Christmas that might have been. 

Suggestions for use? Well...

This is the best wrapping paper ever for re-gifting. It wraps nicely around chunks of coal. And yes, yes - it's the wrapping paper du jour for crappy socks and underwear, especially when purchased second-hand.

Plus, Plus..!

It's the only wrapping paper in the world to come with free printable Santa index fingers! Just download, print, cut, and tape (covering Santa's original middle fingers with the index ones), to make Santa totally appropriate. Great not just for kids, but for the easily offended, too!

Sold in 20" x 29" sheets.


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