Andrew Martin
(413) 586-8124
Who Are You?

Nastywrap was started in the fall of 2017 by Andrew Martin, a former demi-executive, and is dedicated to the memory of his uncle and mentor, Peter Martin—PR genius, humorist, anti-CIA operative, all-around bad-ass, and mostly unsung hero to the country of Jamaica (see chapter 4 here).

It was during the hours of laughter cooking up schemes like Shaky Jakes Jamaican Barbecue and The Great Republican National Jerk Off, that the particular brand of humor, now known as NastyWrap came to be. Years later, Andrew hired some extraordinarily talented artists to translate those good times into the purely joyful product of gift wrap, and NastyWrap as a business was born.

What Makes you Different From Other Gift Wrap Companies?

Our designs are funny—simple as that, and are often quite rude the way that some of the best jokes can be.  In fact, that’s what happens when someone gives a gift wrapped in our wrapping paper. They’re sharing a good joke, oftentimes an inside joke. It’s the wrapping paper you buy when you don't just want to give a great gift, but want to share a good laugh, too. 

Why Are You Called Nasty?
Well, our wrapping paper is not the mean kind of nasty. And it's sure not the ugly kind of nasty, but it is invariably inappropriate. We're the inappropriate wrapping paper company.
Are You Political?
With the wrapping paper that has a political theme, yes - we do take sides.
Are You Just About Christmas?
Oh, no. We've launched for Christmas, but have new designs coming throughout the year.
What Are Your Current Designs? Where Can I Grab Your Logo?
We launched with four Christmas designs and there are more designs coming after Christmas. Our Christmas collection consists of:
Our logo can be downloaded (here)
Zipped files of the above can be downloaded here.
Who Is Your Founder? How Can I Reach Him?
Our founder is Andrew Martin. And Nasty Wrap falls under Hardee Har, LLC. You can reach Andrew at: press (at) or (413) 586-8124.
Who Are Your Competitors?
There's Hallmark, of course, but if you're interested in something special, you might want to check out Papyrus Online. They do a different kind of thing. They make very pretty gift wrap. 
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